We would love
to meet you

As a church, we’re committed to seeing people learn how to have loving, authentic, and flourishing relationships with God and each other. We believe
God has a plan for humanity, that He came to show us through Jesus, and that He empowers and releases us to innovatively love and serve the local community around us through the Holy Spirit. Our purpose as a church can be found in the gospel of John; that Jesus came to give us life to the full, and it’s our desire to live in that reality and share it with others. 

C3 North Perth is part of a bigger movement of churches worldwide called C3 Church, which are committed to healthy relationships between ministers and churches. We’re one of 5 locations, led by Ps Jason & Emma Schroeder of C3 Hepburn Heights, just 20mins north of the CBD. Since our launch in 2019, we’ve grown in the conviction to bring the reality of Christ to all people; including those often marginalised in society, which led to a unique partnership with St Luke’s Anglican Church in Maylands, who have been faithfully serving the community in this way since 1906. 

Through our gatherings, we aim to create an environment where all are welcomed and given the space and tools to deepen their understanding of and purpose in Christ. For this reason, we gather on a fortnightly rotation in two purposeful ways. On the 1st, 3rd + 5th Sundays of the month we met for Church Together; an Ecumenical worship service with St Luke’s. Then, on the 2nd + 4th Sundays we gather in smaller groups in homes around the city for Dinner Church, where we discuss our faith, explore the scriptures, listen and pray with each other over a shared meal. 

We hope to have the chance to meet you soon and pray you feel welcomed by the wonderful people in our church community.  For anymore info on our church please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Joel + Michaela Seneque

C3 North Perth Location Pastors